Things May Not Be So Bad

Heritage Financial’s Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, and I were back talking markets this week in our latest Wealthy Behavior podcast. For those of you new to this, Bob and I have been recording a monthly podcast looking at the market and the top investment themes his team is focusing on. Lately, it’s been a lot of bear market, Fed, and recession talk, but that’s not all. This month we discussed what’s going on and why things may not be so bad after all:

  • What’s been happening in the markets in real time
  • The probability of a Fed achieving a soft landing and what it could mean for investors if they don’t
  • Why this bear market should not be as bad as the last three (2000, 2008, 2020)
  • If bond investors can start getting optimistic and where they should go
  • How we still hate crypto even thought it’s gotten a lot cheaper

Be sure to listen to the whole episode as we get into all the stuff individual investors want to know and more. We’ve been told it’s possibly the best personal finance blog episode of all time.

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It IS Different This Time. It’s Actually Not As Bad

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