Wednesday Reading List

Our team’s latest looks at investing in gold because you’re worried about inflation.

How Much Should You Have Invested in Gold to Help You Hedge Inflation? by Heritage Financial

See also Gold has been a terrible hedge for inflation this year by John Detrixhe and Worrying About Inflation.

When Howard Marks writes anything, I’m reading it and I think you should too. His latest memo.

Latest Memo from Howard Marks: The Winds of Change

Podcast version here.

Am I in good shape financially compared to other people my age is a question we get a lot.

No matter your age, here’s how to tell if your finances are on the right track by Alessandra Malito

Here’s a Wealth Management Checklist to make sure you’re in track.

Investors need to remain extremely alert to the risks of monetary policy, inflation, speculative froth, and ongoing virus concerns. But what ultimately matters is not what we know about the future; it’s what we do along the way.

2022 U.S. Market Outlook: Under Pressure by Liz Ann Sonders and Kevin Gordon

“The greatest assault on American middle-class prosperity is the relentless, four-decade-long inflation in higher education.”

Why the Cost of Higher Education Has Spiraled Out of Control by Scott Galloway

One of the better posts I have read about inflation in the past two years.

Structural or Transitory? by Barry Ritholtz

Two privacy related articles given how important cyber security and online privacy are.

How to make your iPhone and iPad as private as possible by Heather Kelly

Venmo privacy settings to change now by Heather Kelly

Morningstar recently released a research report calling into question the 4% Rule. While I don’t agree with their conclusions, (see: Your Safe Retirement Withdrawal Rate) this post provides great advice for how to increase your retirement odds.

Should Your Retirement Portfolio Withdrawals Vary With the Market? by Christine Benz

We may never know the truth about COVID-19’s origins because China may not want us to, but this is an informative article dissecting the two main theories.

The Lab-Leak Theory Meets Its Perfect Match by Daniel Engber

My infatuation with plant-based meat continues. “The environmental debate over meatless meat, explained.

Yes, plant-based meat is better for the planet by Matthew Hayek and Jan Dutkiewicz

We wrap up with two health related articles that resonated with me since I love sushi and Moe’s (a better version of Chipotle if you ask me…)

Sushi Is Actually Pretty Healthy. Mostly. by Christine Byrne

Is Chipotle Healthy? Here’s What a Dietitian Says