Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: 2 Tesla Investment Lessons – Tesla stock’s monster run and cult-like status give us two important investment lessons about index funds and how they’re managed.


Our team’s latest shares something for everyone.

Markets, Interest Rates, and Human Kindness by Heritage Financial

Two spirited arguments looking at each side of this question we get asked a lot as financial advisors.

Is It Smarter to Buy a Vacation Home or Stick to Short-Term Rentals? A Debate by Valerie Stivers and Mike Jordan

Apple stock has stayed strong compared to the market and very strong compared to tech stocks recently. Thoughts on why.

How Apple’s cash explains its outperformance in the omicron tech stock crash by Tim Mullaney

Some more crazy crypto price action over the past weekend.

Bitcoin loses $10,000, or 17%, in 24 hours after overnight rout by Weizhen Tan and Tanaya Macheel

“If it seems like shutdowns have been happening more in recent years, that’s because they have.” Here’s why.

Why the government is constantly on the verge of shutting down by Li Zhou

“Why you should consider using your annual IRA distribution to make a qualified charitable distribution.”

QCDs: A Great Way to Give Yourself (and the Charities You Love) a Gift This Year by Allison Lee

One of my favorite personal finance bloggers shares the best articles he’s read in 2021.

My Favorite Investment Writing of 2021 by Nick Maggiulli

Massachusetts is not yet on the list, but is working on it.

These states offer a workaround for the SALT deduction cap by Kate Dore

CR tested 126 products from McCormick, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and other popular brands. Almost a third had heavy metal levels high enough to raise health concerns.” This article shares helpful suggestions as well for protecting yourself.

Your Herbs and Spices Might Contain Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead by Lisa Gill

I’ve written about the Patriots recently when there’s a connection to money management (Learning to Avoid the Sunk-Cost Effect with Bill Belichick) or leadership and teamwork (Revisiting The Last Dance). Nice update here.

Belichick heaps praise on Brady, plans on watching QB’s docuseries by Darren Hartwell