Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Charts You Need to See – Q1 2022 Market Guide – Taking a look at charts you don’t want to miss this quarter to explain what’s going on in the market and how to position your portfolio well and ignore the short-term noise.

Our team’s latest shares our fourth quarter investment commentary.

Heritage Q4 2021 Investment Commentary

The GMO team is out with a white paper touting Japanese stocks.


Secrecy and privacy meet reporting requirements.

Reporting Requirements For Cryptocurrencies And NFTs Begin In 2023 by Matthew Erskine

I wish the post wasn’t as political as it was, since I try and avoid that in the weekly reads, but if you forgive that for a minute you will get to some excellent points on why we need immigration and how it can be done with political balance.

America needs immigration to grow and thrive by Noah Smith

“Whether it’s taking fruit to work (and to the bedroom!), being polite to rude strangers or taking up skinny-dipping, here’s a century of ways to make life better, with little effort involved …”

100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying

“David Einhorn famously joked, ‘What do you call a stock that was down 90%? A stock that was down 80% and then got cut in half.'”

Rules for Buying Crashing Growth Stocks by Michael Batnick

I’m one of The Athletic’s 1 million subscribers and think their coverage is the best out there. Interesting bet by the Times who hasn’t had the best history with these deals.

Why the New York Times is buying the Athletic by Peter Kafka

See also The Athletic Set Out to Destroy Newspapers. Then It Became One. by Bryan Curtis