Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Should You Pay Off Debt Now?

The Fed is raising rates to combat inflation. Does this mean you should pay off your variable rate loans? Sharing a framework for how to figure this out using my own HELOC as an example.

Understanding (And Avoiding) the Money Illusion

Our team’s latest looks at how the money illusion (a cognitive bias that fails to take inflation into account) can impact your long-term financial planning.

Why Invest Internationally?

The start of a new economic cycle with a rising inflation outlook may signal a switch to international stock market outperformance in the years ahead.

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Your attention didn’t collapse. It was stolen.

Social media and many other facets of modern life are destroying our ability to concentrate. We need to reclaim our minds while we still can.

Are Your Bond Holdings Vulnerable in a Rising-Rate Environment?

The “duration stress test” can serve you well in case interest rates go up.

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Apple broke Facebook’s ad machine. Who’s going to fix it?

Facebook built one of the most amazing money machines the world has ever seen. Then Apple came and threw a wrench in the gears.

How to Buy and Sell NFTs (If You Must)

Here are a few tips for setting up your crypto wallet, navigating the market, and avoiding scams.

How Do Investors Fail

Five most common causes of investor failure and how to avoid them.

How Snowbirds Can Be Taxed as Florida Residents

If you’re wintering in Florida, but live in a high-tax state up north during the summer months, you can save a lot of money by establishing permanent residency in Florida.