Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: CNBC – Investor Friend or Foe? – If you watch CNBC regularly, or consume any other financial news, you’re going to want to check out this short blog post summarizing candid thoughts from a CNBC anchor on covering the markets.

Why You Don’t Need To Be Panicked About an Economic “Hurricane”

There’s been a lot of pain in the most expensive parts of the market, so it’s likely that we aren’t too far from the bottom. This week our team shares additional insight on the current environment for stocks from our Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, and JPMorgan Chairman of Market and Investment Strategy, Michael Cembalest.

Panic Is Not a Strategy–Nor Is Greed

Markets do drop. Bear markets arrive. That’s an unavoidable part of investing. What matters is how you respond. If you’ve built a portfolio that is directly tied to your time horizon and risk tolerance when markets are calm, then a surge in turbulence may not leave you shaken.

Tech’s Decade of Stock-Market Dominance Ends, For Now

Sector’s tumble is worst since 2002; value investors take victory lap.

Three signs the US housing boom is petering out

Mortgage demand is down. Home visits are down. Homes are staying on the market longer.

See also: 30-year mortgage rate surges to 6.28%, up from 5.5% just a week ago

The crypto industry just had one of its worst days ever — Here’s what happened

Cryptocurrencies sold off on Monday as trading platforms halted withdrawals and crypto companies cut jobs. The market cap of crypto has fallen below $1 trillion, down from $3 trillion at its peak in Nov. 2021. The sell-off in cryptocurrencies comes as investors rotate out of risky assets.

Dan Yergin Talks Oil, Gas, Putin, And Living His Book, ‘The New Map’

The world became rich because of a massive increase in the rate of technological innovation. I think one thing the history of technology has taught us is that as long as the incentives are there for innovators to innovate, we will continue to bIf you haven’t read “The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations,” the most recent non-fiction best seller written by S&P Global Vice Chairman Dan Yergin, you really should. Those who read it now for the first time will no doubt marvel at the author’s prescience and his seeming foreknowledge of global events surrounding Russia, Ukraine and the geopolitics of oil and natural gas.