Wednesday Reading List

Q2 Market Recap & Q3 2022 Market Guide

Q3 2022 market guide recapping the second quarter and sharing helpful charts to learn from and think about the market going forward.

Should I Buy Bitcoin Now that It’s Down More Than 50%?

When asset prices fall, smart investors think about buying in at depressed levels. It’s like buying something on sale – you’d always prefer to pay less than full price if given the chance. But when it comes to crypto currencies like Bitcoin, what is the fair price?

With Low Prices and High Yields, Municipal Bonds Are Alluring

In round terms, yields have roughly doubled on munis, along with those on Treasuries, since the beginning of the year. Moreover, top-grade tax-free long-term munis now yield more than comparable Treasury long bonds.

Bruised Emerging Markets Are Battle-Ready for a US Recession

Emerging markets are well positioned to stare down a US recession and may even be able to lure investors their way.

Keep It Going

It’s counterintuitive, but you will likely maximize investment gains over your lifetime if you go out of your way to not maximize annual returns, instead focusing on merely good returns that you can sustain for as long as possible.

Moneyball at 20

A great investor told me once that Moneyball was the best investment book ever since it taught focusing on the numbers, and it’s on my Best Personal Finance Books. But the A’s never one, and baseball is in dire straits right now and I enjoyed this critical look back at the last 20 years of baseball under Moneyball.

Home Sellers Are Slashing Prices in Sudden Halt to Pandemic Boom

The rapid rise in mortgage rates is cooling demand, jolting markets from coast to coast.

Here’s How to Maximize Your Healthy Years in Retirement. Eat Right and Exercise.

The key to a long, happy retirement is not just having a flush portfolio or moving to a low-tax state with 300-plus days of sunshine. It’s having the good health to enjoy your golden years. 

Behind the Scenes, McKinsey Guided Companies at the Center of the Opioid Crisis

The consulting firm offered clients “in-depth experience in narcotics,” from poppy fields to pills more powerful than Purdue’s OxyContin.