Wednesday Reading List

IRS Tax Changes for 2023

Last week the Internal Revenue Service announced annual inflation changes to tax brackets, annual exclusions for gift and estate taxes, FSA limits, and more. The announced adjustments will be welcomed by most American’s who are feeling the harsh effects of record inflation.

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The Bitcoin Futures ETF at 1: $1.8 Billion Lured, Over Half Lost

Poorly timed launch has seen fund’s price plunge more than 70%.

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It’s Open Enrollment Season. Have You Taken a Good Look at an HSA?

For high-income investors who are maxing out other tax-sheltered accounts, the high-deductible healthcare plan/HSA combo is close to a no-brainer.

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Buckle in for a brutal free-fall in home prices and US housing is in a massive bubble, experts say. Here’s how bad Jeremy Siegel, Paul Krugman and 5 others think it could get.

Home sales have fallen for 8 months, and prices are dropping. But economists say worse is to come.

The mysterious rise of food allergies 

More kids and adults are finding out that they can’t eat their favorite foods. Why?

This musician retired after making $170 million in the stock market. Now he’s sharing his secrets.

Four investing rules we can all at least partly follow.

Daryl Morey Changed the Game, but He Still Hasn’t Beaten It

The Billy Beane of basketball revolutionized the modern NBA, but a championship still has eluded one of the most successful executives in league history.