Wednesday Reading List

The Era of Higher Savings and Bond Rates Is Still Going. Don’t Waste It. by The Wall Street Journal

Rate cuts might finally be coming and with that, you’ll see lower rates on short-term fixed income and money market yields. Regardless of whether that directly impacts you, it’s important to allocate your money appropriately to its purposes and avoid a portfolio cash drag.

Goldman Sachs Vs. Moody’s: Where they expect national home prices to go through 2027 by ResiClub

Goldman Sachs is expecting home prices to grow faster than inflation for the next few years, while Moody’s outlook is much more subdued. These are national forecasts and there will likely be regions where prices decline as well as pockets of faster growth in the country. Moody’s is basing their outlook on an inventory uptick that they think will soften prices.

Pre-IPO Investment Scams – Investor Alert from the SEC

The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy (OIEA) is issuing this Investor Alert to warn investors about investment scams that purport to offer investors the opportunity to buy “pre-IPO” shares of companies. SEC staff continue to receive complaints — and to bring enforcement actions — involving these types of scams, which may be promoted on social media and websites, by phone, by email, in person, or through other means.

Deficits, Debt and Markets: Myths vs. Realities by Charles Schwab Asset Management

Historically, the level of debt has had no correlation with the performance of the stock or bond markets in the United States. Moreover, the evidence suggests that although the supply of U.S. Treasury securities is increasing, the demand appears to be strong enough to prevent a spike in interest rates. We don’t anticipate that will change in the foreseeable future. Most importantly, we don’t believe investors should change their long-term investment plans based on the potential for a debt crisis.

The $76,000 reason you should shop around for a mortgage right now by MarketWatch

We’ve been telling clients this for a while. There’s more disparity than you would think (or I recall seeing) with mortgage rates so shop around.

HSA the New ‘Medical IRA’ by Heritage Financial

A “Medical IRA” is a term for an investment strategy that uses a Health Savings Account (HSA) to not only save on taxes, but also build assets that can pay for medical expenses in retirement. We’ve summarized the strategy and who should consider it in this article.


A Real Estate Slowdown and a Pricey Stock Market

In the latest pod, we discuss:
-May being a good month for stocks despite processing a higher for longer message from the Fed
-Expecting the Russell 3000 to outperform the S&P 500 given its small and mid cap exposure
-U.S. bonds doing well in May as rates came down, despite a negative year overall for the bond market
-U.S. stock market valuations increasing to 27 times trailing P/E and why we think that, plus more attractive bond yields and cheaper international stocks call for more portfolio diversification
-The difference between trailing and forward P/E and why to be careful with overly optimistic forward P/E
-Momentum investing and why investing in stocks that split makes sense
-Residential real estate slowing and how that’s going to help the inflation picture

Boston Corner

NBA Finals could bring more than $12 million to Boston economy, officials say

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