Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Charts You Need to See – Q1 2021 Market Guide – Taking a look at charts you don’t want to miss this quarter to explain the investment environment, how to position your portfolio, the economy, COVID-19, income inequality, inflation and cash.


Starting with your budget, network, and health are three great ways to improve your overall well-being. Our HER Heritage team with its latest post.

3 Ways Women Can Boost Confidence Around Money and Investing by Heritage Financial


Answering the question of why we don’t learn more from tragic events, as well as explaining how things can turn out better too.

The Big Lessons of the Last Year by Morgan Housel


An update to an old scam that you should be careful about.

This ‘tech support’ scam is stealing million from seniors, including my mom by Jennifer Jolly


Thoughtful analysis on why the anecdotal hot housing market you are hearing about is not a bubble.

Why This is Not Another Housing Bubble by Ben Carlson


Lessons learned during the latest crash and comparing it to others that came before it to learn how best to navigate volatility.

In Long History of Market Crashes, Coronavirus Crash Was the Shortest by Paul Kaplan