Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Why to Watch (and not fight) the Fed – The Fed moves markets, particularly since 2008. Understand why, what to watch for now in the inflation debate, how the Fed might react, and what that means for your portfolio..

Flag of the Federal Reserve

This is my favorite Heritage blog post so far. Our team highlights our charitable involvement, including contributing a share of our firm’s profits annually to a charitable fund.

Charitable Contributions – Beyond the Limits and Deductions by Heritage Financial

The housing market has been red hot. Liz Ann takes a deep look at where it stands and whether we are at a turning point.

Gimme Shelter: Housing’s Surge at Turning Point? by Liz Ann Sonders

See also There’s a big shift happening in the housing market by Lance Lambert

Knowing when to sell stocks is one of the hardest aspects of investing. Some say the hardest.

There’s A Way You Can Beat The Best Investors. You’ve Just Got To Know When To Sell by Greg Rosalsky

“We know that immigrants around the world are more likely to start companies than native-born populations but we have a limited understanding as to why. New research suggests personality-based self-selection — in particular, a propensity for risk-taking — may be a hidden driver.”

Research: Why Immigrants Are More Likely to Become Entrepreneurs by Peter Vandor

Gold is struggling in a year where gold bugs would’ve expected it to do better.

A disappointing year for gold by Tadas Viskanta

Meat is going to keep getting more expensive.

Grilling could soon get more expensive by Grace Dean

Book Recommendation

Apeirogon: A Novel by Colum McCann

I’ve enjoyed this novel based on the true story of two fathers: one Israeli and one Palestinian whose daughters were both killed. They come together and build an organization trying to make peace.

Aperiogon: A Novel