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ICYMI: 6 Things I’m Not Worried About Financially – There’s plenty to be worried about, so don’t add unnecessary financial concerns to the list. Includes latest thoughts on a market crash, investing in crypto, the deficit, Social Security running out of money and more.

Don't Worry

In this week’s blog, our team dug into how you can consistently pull cash out of your business in a tax-efficient way so that when the time is right, you can exit your business on your own terms.

Are You Extracting Enough Cash From Your Business? by Heritage Financial

“My deepest forecasting belief is that you can better understand the future if you focus on the behaviors that never change instead of the events that might.”

History’s Seductive Beliefs by Morgan Housel

Rich Dad/Poor Dad/Useless Forecaster Costing People Money

Nick nails it in this piece. Read it. I never thought the book was any good. The sequels have been terrifying.

Misleading title since the article is about one specific fund. Quite a story though.

Can ESG Funds Really Fix Climate Change? by Scott Galloway Does Sustainable Investing Hurt Returns? looks at performance expectations for sustainable funds.

Gold should be having a great year now that inflation is back. It’s down 9%.

Here’s why investors like Warren Buffett don’t like gold as an investment by Nathaniel Lee

A country that restricts the internet isn’t going to be open to a currency designed for secret transactions.

Why China Finally Decided to Ban Bitcoin by Aaron Mak

Bidding wars have slowed down and other metrics support a slight real estate slowdown. Of course, it’s local market dependent. Boston is still hot.

Is the Seller’s Market Over? by Michael Kolomatsky

The GMO team isn’t worried about inflation. But if you are, they share that cheap stocks are the best way to go while telling you why gold, commodities, TIPS, and other options aren’t as strong.

Part 2: What to do in the Case of Sustained Inflation by James Montier and Philip Pilkington – I shared Part 1 here.

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