Wednesday Reading List

Our team’s latest piece for business owners is loaded with great and timely advice.

Why a Five-Year Plan May be the Worst Way to Think About Exiting Your Business by Heritage Financial

The higher the female representation across the companies we cover, the better share price returns we have observed since 2010.”

The Diversity Premium: More Women, Higher Returns. by Jessica Hamlin

The media and health authorities bungled messaging have confused us.

No, Vaccinated People Are Not ‘Just as Likely’ to Spread the Coronavirus as Unvaccinated People by Craig Spencer

See also Half of unvaccinated workers say they’d rather quit than get a shot – but real-world data suggest few are following through

Rising rates have hurt tech stocks this year, which makes sense given the market’s changing leadership. Is this a long-term shift?

Are Rising Rates Bad For Tech Stocks? by Ben Carlson

Dig deeper into some related investment ideas with The Reopening Trade Continues and Investment Winners Rotate…and they’re doing it again

It’s a great story if it works – making rapid shifts based on a market call. That’s a huge IF. Lessons for managing your money based on how professional investors have fared.

Tactical Asset Allocation: Don’t Try This at Home by Amy Arnott

Try these long-term shifts instead – 5 Portfolio Changes to Consider Now

Facebook behaving badly.

Why this Facebook scandal is different by Shirin Ghaffary

See also Why Facebook and Instagram went down for hours on Monday by Jonathan Franklin and Bill Chappell

It’s FAFSA season.

Completing the FAFSA: Everything You Should Know by Farran Powell, Emma Kerr, and Sarah Wood

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