Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: 2022 Investment Outlook – Our 2022 investment outlook is an in-depth look at investment themes that will matter this year and how to position your portfolio well to take advantage. It’s worth the full read and here are my thoughts.

My team’s thoughts on whether inflation-related assets may be impacted and how over the coming year. Read this week’s blog for thoughts on maintaining the purchasing power of your investments.

Which Price Increases are Here to Stay? Here’s What Our Team Thinks by Heritage Financial

The omicron surge, extreme weather and record December sales are among the reasons that toilet paper aisle is looking shaky again.

Four reasons you’re seeing empty grocery store shelves by Laura Reiley

The metaverse grows.

Microsoft to Buy Activision Blizzard for Nearly $70 Billion by Karen Weise, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Kellen Browning, and Michael J. de la Merced

“In this rate environment, economically sensitive stocks, such as European stocks and value stocks, may be poised to outperform based on historical patterns.

What Do Rising Rates Mean for Stock Investors? by Jeffrey Kleintop

See also Rising interest rates could keep a choke hold on tech and growth stocks by Patti Domm

Higher-yielding bond-fund categories often come with more stocklike risk levels.

Is Your Bond Fund Really a Stock Fund in Disguise? by Amy Arnott

See also Dangers of Investing for Income Today

The movie Gen-X has been waiting for…

Daniel Radcliffe to Play the Role He Was Born for… ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic by Andy Greene

Over the last 30 years, the NBC News poll has given us a good idea if the president’s party is headed for an exceptionally good midterm election, a shellacking or somewhere in-between.

Poll numbers are pointing to a midterm shellacking for Democrats by Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Ben Kamisar and Bridget Bowman