Wednesday Reading List

The latest market commentary from Liz Ann Sonders looks at the impact of the vaccines and market rotation. More on this.

Changes: Vaccine News Changing Market’s Leadership Characteristics? by Liz Ann Sonders


Fascinating story about the scientific evolution of the vaccine technology that’s in the news.

The story of mRNA: How a once-dismissed idea became a leading technology in the Covid vaccine race by Damian Garde and Jonathan Saltzman


The Fed is focusing on the financial risk from climate change. More on sustainable investing.

The Fed is set to take on a new challenge: Climate change by Jeff Cox


“The young and those with previous issues are hit hardest by lockdowns.”

A look at the psychological burdens of COVID lockdowns by John Timmer


I find articles about fake meat interesting.

Beyond Meat’s new burger is way healthier. But how will it taste? by Mark Wilson


One of the best writers out there with his latest.

The Big Lessons From History by Morgan Housel


Why did the polls get it wrong again?

Worried pollsters admit huge problem by Sara Kehaulani Goo


Bill Gates launched a podcast. Add it to your list. First episode below.

What will the world look like after COVID-19? by Bill Gates


She first interviewed for a GM job 15 years ago and has long been considered as qualified as they come for this role.

Kim Ng finally — finally! — lands general manager job in Major League Baseball by Sarah Spain


Watch out referees in heaven.

Tommy Heinsohn’s 65-Year Legacy With Celtics Will Forever Be Unmatched by Taylor Snow