Wednesday Reading List

Our team’s look at Labor Day and new tools and content for business owners.

Tools for Business Owners by Heritage Financial

Social Security shortfalls are fixable and you should base your claiming decision on your financial situation, not news headlines.

Fears about Social Security’s future funding shouldn’t prompt you to claim benefits early by Lorie Konish

See Rethinking When to Take Social Security for more.

Informative look from both sides of the covid endgame spectrum.

The covid endgame: Is the pandemic over already? Or are there years to go? by Marc Fisher

Chinese stocks had a tough summer, but institutional investors are taking advantage.

No, they’re not leaving the country or opening Swiss bank accounts, but they are using private placement life insurance.

The Very Rich Already Have a Plan to Escape Biden’s Tax Increase by Ben Steverman

Looking for more ideas, check out Minimizing Taxes Under Biden’s Proposed Tax Plan

Making the argument that investors have not yet priced in a potential corporate tax hike by looking at what you would expect to have happened in certain sectors and stocks if they have.

Investors Are Ignoring the Tax Elephant in the Room by Ben Levisohn

The SEC’s latest investor alert. Scams are on the rise. Protect yourself.

Digital Asset and “Crypto” Investment Scams – Investor Alert

Nick nails it with this one. “The quality of one’s relationships was more predictive of happiness than any other factor.” But beyond this insight he reflects on how to maintain those friendships as we age since studies show time spent with friends bottoms out in tour 50s.

What Really Predicts Happiness? by Nick Maggiulli

From Dorchester to the North End and the Lowell Highlands to North Quincy, check out these Greater Boston neighborhoods that are fantastic for foodies.

If you love food, these 10 Greater Boston neighborhoods are for you by Brian Cicioni

Robert Parker versus the French wine industry. Long piece for the oenophiles out there.

The Million-Dollar Nose by William Langewiesche

Book Recommendation

The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People’s Economy by Stephanie Kelton

Whether you think it’s a bunch of nonsense, completely agree, are somewhere in between, or just want to learn, this book is a great overview of MMT.

The Deficit Myth book cover