This Month on The Boston Advisor

Thanks for making this the biggest month yet on The Boston Advisor!

New subscribers, site traffic, pages viewed, and post traffic all were up in an exciting few weeks.

Lease or Buy a New Car was the most popular post yet for existing subscribers. Apparently, you’re more interested in good deals on cars versus the intricacies of disability insurance or value stocks…

That said, The Reopening Trade Continues, a post about the rotation out of large cap U.S. growth stocks and into other market areas drove organic search traffic to the site, as did Using Debt Smartly to Build Wealth, which has been popular with Google rankings since August. Rates are low, so check it out to learn more about this misunderstood wealth building tool.

The opening days of NFL Free Agency led to Learning to Avoid the Sunk-Cost Effect with Bill Belichick. The Patriots loading up on free agents instead of sticking with their poor roster provides investment lessons for us all.

Other popular topics were how to find the right advisor, whether to worry about inflation and protecting against it, and minimizing taxes if tax rules change.

Finding a Good Financial Advisor

Worrying About Inflation Today

Minimizing Taxes Under Biden’s Proposed Tax Plan

Finally, it was fun to be quoted in one of my favorite websites, The Ringer, about GameStop, which I wrote about here – Making Millions from GameStop.

Thanks again for subscribing, liking, sharing the content and your support!